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Solar Hot Water Systems Brisbane and Gold Coast 

Solar water heaters can be installed completely on the roof, or as a split system solar-hiline-electric-boost
whereby the tank is located on the ground and the collectors are located on the roof.
There is very little performance difference between these systems. The choice of which
system to select is between a space saving, roof mounted design versus the improved
aesthetics of a split system.

Running Costs?

Solar water heaters have the lowest running costs of any water heater as they use
the suns energy to heat water.


Solar water heaters are available in a range of tank capacities and tank mounting positions. The larger the tank, the more solar heated water that can be stored. Remember to consider both the space you have available for installation and your budget.

How does a solar hot water roof mounted system work?

Solar collector(s) are located on the roof structure, facing in a north east to north west direction. The sun heats the water in the collector and then goes into a tank - in the case of flat plate systems, this may also be on the roof, but with evacuated tube collectors, the tank is usually stored at ground level. The hot water rises naturally in the tank - this process is called thermo siphoning.

How does a solar hot water split system work?

A solar split system consist of north east to north west facing roof mounted collector(s) and a separate tank on the ground, usually located close to one of the major hot water consumption areas, such as the bathroom. The sun heats the water in the collector and once the water reaches a desired temperature, a sensor device activates a circulation pump which starts to pump the hot water into the storage tank on the ground. The pump also pumps the cold water from the bottom of the storage tank into the collector(s).

How does the roof mounted and split systems compare?

The energy benefits of the two systems are about the same. While the heat loss is less in the split system as the tank is not as exposed to the elements as the roof mounted tank, some additional energy is required to operate the low wattage pump in the split system. The decision of which system to use comes back to structural design of the roof, personal taste and ease of access for servicing.

How do our solar hot water systems compare to competitors?

Before you can sell solar hot water systems in Australia, or achieve any of the state or federal government rebates, your product must comply with stringent Australian Standards for hot water and solar hot water. We only stock products that comply with all these standards and given our considerable buying power, we can offer some of the best prices in Australia - get a free, no-obligation solar hot water quote, view our solar hot water specials, our range of solar hot water systems and more information on our components. If you get a better price on comparable components, contact us!


For periods when sunlight is unavailable, insufficient or during the night, solar water heaters may rely on a booster. Both gas and electric boosted models are available to suit your homes power connection.

What are RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates)?

RECs are certificates that are awarded with qualifying solar hot water systems. They are a federal government initiative designed to encourage the uptake of products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable energy certificates are traded on the market by energy companies who buy them from renewable energy producers (i.e. households and companies who own the systems). As part of the process, customers who purchase solar hot water systems can sell their RECs to their supplier/installer, or sell them independently to a buyer of their choice.

You can earn various amounts of RECs depending on the type of system you are replacing with an Energy Matters system. Flo-Rite Plumbing can discount the total cost of the system you purchase from us by the value of the RECs you assign to us.

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