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Rheem has a hot water heater, hot water unit, hot water tank or hot water system that’s ideal for you.

rheem stellar 330 litre and 360 litre model gas storage systems

Rheem Stellar Gas Hot Water Heaters                      

It's a revolution in high performance water heating! The Rheem Stellar hot water heater has a first hour 
capacity of up to 360 litres of hot water and reheats 200 litres of hot water every hour after - much more
than most households will ever need. The 5 star energy efficiency rating, 10year  warranty and sleek            
ultra modern styling make it easy to see why a Rheem Stellar gas hot water heater is so Rheemarkable.

Model            Storage           Location          1st Hour    No. of People
Number       Capacity (L)                             Capacity (L)   (Moderate)

850330             130 litre       outdoor only         330 litre           2 - 5         
850360             160 litre       outdoor only         360 litre           3 - 6

Rheem Optima Gas Hot Water Heaters                                                                             

Rheem Optima gas hot water heaters are covered by a 10 year warranty on the cylinder, which is rheem optima 135 litre and 170 litre storage gas hot water units    
lined with a specially developed vitreous enamel, and twin anode protection. The Rheem Optima
quick recovery gas hot water systems and hot water heaters are perfect for people who need         
lots and lots of hot water, such as larger families or homes with more than one bathroom.

Model            Storage           Location          1st Hour    No. of People
Number       Capacity (L)                              Capacity (L)   (Moderate)

871135             130 litre       outdoor only         280 litre           2 - 4        
871170             160 litre       outdoor only         335 litre           3 - 5

Rheemglas Hot Water Heaters                                                                              

There's a Rheemglas hot water heater or hot water system model to suit you. 5 year warranty,
indoor or outdoor The Rheem Quick Recovery hot water heater models are ideal for use where
there is high demand for hot water at busy times. Models also feature a new user adjustable
gas control to enable you to choose the hot water temperature which best suits your needs.
It also includes a specially designed gas burner for maximum cost efficiency.rheemglas 90 litre, 135 litre, 170 litre storage gas hot water heaters

Model            Storage           Location          1st Hour     No. of People
Number       Capacity (L)                              Capacity (L)   (Moderate)

300135              135 litre        indoor only         260 litre           2 - 4
300170              170 litre        indoor only         290 litre           3 - 5       
311090               90 litre        outdoor only        210 litre           1 - 3
311135              130 litre       outdoor only        280 litre           2 - 4
311170              160 litre       outdoor only        335 litre           3 - 5

Rheem Heavy Duty Gas Hot Water Systems                                                                               

This is the tough operator that takes on your big hot water demands and keeps on delivering.
The range starts with a hefty 260 litre capacity and over 200 litres recovery every hour. rheem heavy duty gas 260 litre, 265 litre, 275 litre storage gas hot water heaters
Twin anodes and a double layer of vitreous enamel give long life protection to the cylinder
which is covered by a big 10 year warranty.
If your household is heavy on hot water? Then Rheem Heavy Duty hot water heaters
and hot water systems are just what you will need to do the job.

Model            Storage           Location          1st Hour      No. of People
Number       Capacity (L)                              Capacity (L)   (Moderate)

620260              260 litre        indoor only         385 litre              5 - 9
621265              265 litre        indoor only          650 litre         10 - 12        
621275              275 litre        indoor only        1000 litre         13 - 17
630260              260 litre       outdoor only        385 litre              5 - 9
631265              265 litre       outdoor only        650  litre         10 - 12   
631275              275 litre       outdoor only       1000  litre        13 - 17

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