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Hot Water Heaters, Systems and Units - Replacement, Service, Sales and Installation

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We service Brisbane & Gold Coast with honest, practical advice on hot water systems at the best price.
 Flo-Rite Plumbing recommends the best energy efficient hot water heating products.

Rheem Electric Hot Water Systems Brisbane - Gold Coast

Are you looking for hot water heater repairs or replacement, we offer the best advice you need to make an informed decision. If you need a hot water element replaced, a hot water thermostat repaired, a new hot water tank, a new hot water unit, replace your hot water anode to make your hot water system last longer, we offer the best hot water heater prices in Brisbane & the Gold Coast.

Hot Water Heaters Running Costs

These will be based on your household usage and your electricity settings.

For example, whether you are on off peak or reduced tariff  electricity,AquaMax Electric Hot Water Systems Brisbane - Gold Coast generally electric water heaters will cost more to run than natural gas or solar systems off setting the relatively low purchase and installation costs.

Hot Water Heaters Capacity

Electric hot water heaters are rated by their delivery capacity, if you are on an off peak electricity
tariff a larger capacity water heater should be considered as your storage tank will only be heated
once a day and it must be able to cater for a full days use, typically 250 litres or greater is
recommended. For water heaters not connected to off peak electricity, smaller units are available
ranging from 25 litres to 160 litres.

Choosing the right size or capacity Hot Water Heaters

  • When choosing the right size hot water heater for your household, you will need to consider:Dux Electric Hot Water Systems Brisbane Gold Coast
  • How many bathrooms are in your home or how many people use hot water at the same time
  • How many adults and children live at home
  • As they can use a lot of hot water, how many of the children are teenagers?
  • Is there a dishwasher connected to the hot water supply?
  • Do you wash your clothes in hot water?
  • Do you have a larger than normal bath tub or spa that is filled using the hot water supply?

We are Licensed and Insured  Solar Hot Water, Gas Hot Water, Hot Water Heat Pump and Electric Hot Water heater specialists as well as Plumbers, Drainers and Gas Fitters.  All of our tradestaff have Plumbing, Drainage, Electrical and Gas Fitting Licences.

Our service vehicles are fully equipped to carry out hot water repairs to all major brands of Hot Water Heaters, Hot Water Systems, Hot Water Tanks and Hot Water Units including brands like Rheem, Vulcan, Dux, Bosh, Aquamax, Saxon, Quantum, Conergy, Zip, Beasley, Supakwik and more.

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