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Hot Water Element and Thermostat Repairs

Has your Hot Water System gone cold?
Has your Hot Water Heater started to leak water at the bottom of the tank?
Is rusty water leaking from the electrical cover at the bottom of the system?
It could be a faulty or blown hot water Element.
Has you Hot Water Unit started to smell badly?
Is your Hot Water Tank leaking from the overflow valve?
Is your Hot Water System not as hot as it usually is?
Is the temperature of the hot water fluctuating?
It could be a faulty hot water Thermostat problem.

ALMOST everyone who has an electric hot water system at home has felt the
shock of stepping into a cold shower, or at least the disappointment of waiting
for the water to get hot, but its not happening. When a domestic water heater
element fails, often the first you know about is when you have no hot water.
If you have a single element off peak heater, then you have to hot water thermostat repairs brisbane gold coastwait until the
next morning after getting the element replaced to get any hot water.
There are a number of things you can do to extend the life of your hot water
heater element so that this inconvenience is minimized.  When there is a
service call for "no hot water", the biggest priority is to have it fixed quickly to
stop the family screaming about cold showers.

To prevent another element failure in a short time it is important to
understand why this particular element failed in the first place. There can be
a number of reasons for elements failing, the most common being corrosion of
the element sheath or overheating of the element. The cause of corrosion can
come from a number of sources. If the sacrificial anode  in the water heater
is depleted, this can result in increased corrosion of the element sheath.
If the water has a high salt or chloride content some metals will corrode
quicker than others. If the water has high dissolved solids in it, then scale
build up can be a problem, resulting in the element overheating. If the heater
is right on the limit in capacity to supply the volume of water required in
normal operation, this can result in the element operating for longer periods
and give a shorter life.

Before assuming that it is the element that has failed, don't forget to check hot water element and thermostat testing
the thermostat for proper operation. The solution could be as simple as
pressing the reset button on the thermostat, but if you get repeated tripping
of the reset button, contact Flo-Rite Plumbing to replace your thermostat.
Have us check the sacrificial anode in your domestic water heater and replace
it if necessary. This will not only extend the life of the element, it will also
extend the life of the heater tank. Repeated calls to replace elements with short
life are often attributed to a depleted anode. To ensure the warranty on the
replacement element is not compromised, evidence of the anode being checked
may be required. We will look at the failed element to determine the cause of failure,
and select the appropriate replacement. Should a higher wattage element be required to
improve recovery time, we will check to ensure that the electrical circuit is rated for
the additional load and that the relief value on the water heater is rated for the
additional wattage.

Our service vehicles are fully equipped to repair or replace hot water elements and thermostats to all major brand Hot Water Systems, Hot Water Heaters, Hot Water Tanks and Hot Water Units including brands like Rheem - Vulcan - Dux - Aquamax - Saxon - Quantum - Conergy Zip Boiling Water - BeasleySupakwik and more.   Best of all we guarantee quality service at competitive prices. Turn to us for free advice and quotations and receive prompt attention from our experienced and qualified staff.

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