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Heat Pump Hot Water Systems Brisbane

If a Solar Hot Water System is not feasible at your home due to an unsuitable roof aspect, shading from trees, or  aesthetical reasons then a great energy saving way to satisfy your hot water requirements and save electricity running costs is by installing a Heat Pump Hot Water System.

Rheem Heat Pump Hot Water Heater Brisbane - Gold CoastQuantum Heat Pump Hot Water Systems Brisbane Gold Coast

How does a Heat Pump Hot Water System work?

The principal is very similar to the operation of a refridgerator, but only in reverse.

The heat pump hot water system contains a fan that forces air through an evaporator.

The evaporator contains very cold liquid refrigerant.

The heat in the air that passes through this evaporator is absorbed by the refrigerant.

The warm refrigerant is then circulated in the system by a compressor.

As it goes through the compressor its pressure rises and the temperature increases further.

From here it travels to the condenser, where the tank from what is know a super hot refrigerant is

transferred to the water supply tank.

The cooled down refrigerant then goes through an expansion valve which reduces its pressure and

cooling it further and the cycle starts again.

Our service vehicles are fully equipped to carry out heat pump hot water repairs and installations to all brands of heat pump hot water systems, hot water heaters, hot water tanks and hot water units to brands like Rheem, Dux, Saxon & Quantum.

We offer hot water solutions tailored to suit your changing needs and are an accredited service and warranty agent for all leading brands of electric, gas, heat pump and solar hot water systems.We work closely with manufacturers and energy authorities to ensure our products are of the highest standards and up to date with changing regulations.

Best of all we guarantee quality service at competitive prices. Turn to us for free advice and quotations for your new heat pump hot water heaters or hot water units and receive prompt attention from our experienced and qualified staff.

We are Licensed Solar Hot Water, Gas Hot Water Service, Heat Pump & Electric Hot Water Service Specialists as well as Plumbers, Drainers & Gas Fitters.  All of our technicians have Plumbing, Drainage, Electrical & Gas Fitting Licences. 

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Rheem Heat Pump Hot Water Heater Brisbane - Gold CoastDux Heat Pump Hot Water Systems Brisbane Gold Coast