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Are you experiencing one of these problems with your Heat Pump Hot Water Unit?

We do not have any hot water?
The indicator light has been flashing red?
The fan is making a loud noise when it is running?
The fan only runs for a short time, then it appears to stop?
The LED red and green indicator lights appear to have gone out?
There appears to be water leaking from around the heat pump unit?
My hot water has gone cold and the fan is not running or making a noise?
The sensor lead has been chewed by our dog and the water has now gone cold?
My electricity bill has gone up a lot since our last bill and we never hear the fan running?
My heat pump hot water system is very noisy at night and my neighbours are complaining? 
The fan only runs for a short time then stops, the red indicator light starts flashing, but but we still have hot  water?

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