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Gas Hot Water Systems Brisbane - Gold Coast

rheem gas 90, 135, 170 litre hot water systems

Gas hot water systems, gas hot water heaters, hot water units and hot water tanks
provide a simple and economical way of heating water.

Gas hot water heaters and gas hot water systems are also environmentally friendly. Gas storage water heaters can re-heat water at a faster rate than electric heaters, therefore the tanks don’t need to be as large.

With sizes from 90 litre, 135 litre, and 170 litre, but this can be misleading, e.g. a Rheem Stellar 160 litre high efficiency hot water heater can deliver 360 litres of hot water in the first hour and a further 200 litres each hour thereafter as well as having a 5 star energy rating.

Purchase or Installation costs


Gas storage systems are a relatively in expensive solution to your hot water needs if you have an existing gas supply to your home. If you are replacing an existing gas storage water heater, a “like for like” replacement also tends to reduce installation costs.

Running Costs?

These will be based on your house hold usage. Natural gas is around the same price as “extended hours” off peak electricity, however natural gas isn’t available everywhere. Higher efficiency gas storage water heaters will cost less to run, so remember to check the energy star rating of the heater you are considering. For example, a 5 star energy efficient gas water heater will cost less to run than a 3 star water heater for the same water delivery. 

What Capacity system do you need? 

Gas Hot Water storage heaters are rated by their storage capacity and their  
“recovery rate”, or the rate measured in litres that can be reheated in 1 hour.

The Environment
Natural gas fuelled water heaters produce relatively low levels or green house gas emissions.rheem stellar 330 litre, 360 litre gas hot water system

How to choose the right size or capacity gas hot water system or gas hot water heater?

  • When choosing the right size water heater for your household, you will need to consider 
  • How many bathrooms are in your home or how many people use hot water at the same time
  • How many adults and children live at home
  • As they can use a lot of hot water, how many of the children are teenagers?
  • Is there a dishwasher connected to the hot water supply?
  • Do you wash your clothes in hot water?
  • Do you have a larger than normal bath tub or spa that is filled using the hot water supply?

Our service vehicles are fully equipped to carry out hot water repairs to all major brand Hot Water Systems, Hot Water Heaters, Hot Water Tanks and Hot Water Units including brands like Rheem - Vulcan - Dux - Bosh  AquamaxPyrox - Beasley - Supakwik and more. 

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