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Beasley Solar Hot Water Systems Brisbane - Gold Coast

Beasley manufactures two types of solar hot water systems, solar hot water heaters, beasley solar hot water system roof mounted 300 litre
solar hot water units or solar hot water tanks.

The close couple solar system is where both the solar collector panels and tank are on the roof. There is no recirculation pump or long pipe runs – reducing heat loss. The roof model solar water tank comes in a stylish range of Colorbond colours to compliment your roof.
Beasley solar hot water heaters are efficient, economical and low maintenance.

The spilt system has the solar panels on the roof and the storage tank on the ground.
This maintains a more streamline look to your roof. The solar storage tank can be either
an electric back up or have a gas booster.

Having your solar hot water heater correctly installed by a qualified plumber beasley solar hot water split system gas electric boosted
can reduce energy bills and ensure you have plenty of hot water.


Each Beasley gas boosted solar system incorporates an independent boosting unit.
Powered with the same technology as Australia’s No. 1 continuous flow hot water system
the Rinnai INFINITY, a host of additional benefits are available:

  • Gas is the most economical way to boost the water temperature
  • Operates only when the hot tap is turned on and only if the water is not already at 60°C.
  • Continuous flow booster ensures endless flow of hot water.
  • Specifically designed solar gas boosters are available in 2 sizes the S20 and the S26.
  • Available in both Natural Gas or LPG configurations.

The size of the booster depends on many factors including the number of bathrooms,
your location and hot water usage patterns.

Boosting with electricity is also available and we recommend its use where connection
to either Natural Gas or LPG is not feasible.beasley solar hot water system 330 litre

  • Often possible to use the cheaper off-peak tariff.
  • On days with good solar gain, the tank will normally reach 60ºC with minimal electric boosting.
  • Full range of element sizes that you can select from.

Element sizing is determined by factors such as tank size, availability and use Beasley solar hot water system stainless steel tank and frost protected panels
of off-peak electricity periods and your solar zone.

If you live in a frost prone area, it is important that you specify and install frost tolerant 
collector panels (FTCs).
Non-frost tolerant panels damaged by frost are not covered by warranty for any damage due to freezing or frost.
The Rinnai FTC panels are warranted against frost damage caused by temperatures down to -6°C.

  • AMCRO selective surface – long lasting and high performance.
  • 7 riser tubes for effective transfer of solar energy to the water.
  • High efficiency collectors for improved solar contribution.
  • Copper Solar absorber to maximise efficiency in collection solar energy.
  • Aluminium casing – corrosion resistant and ideal for coastal areas.

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