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Hot Water system repairs and replacement Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Posted: Monday, September 15, 2014 at 8:59:49 PM AEST by Craig Poynton

Recent Replacement of  Burst Hot Water System due to wrong temperature, pressure relief valve installed.

This is what can happen if you do not have a hot water specialist service your hot water system every five years as per most manufacturers recommendations or installation manuals. The bottom of this hot water storage tank has reversed or popped, in other words gone from concave to convex. This has been caused by a handyman and not a hot water professional replacing the safety or pressure, temperature relief valve with the incorrect pressure rating type. What has happened in this situation is the thermostat has not shut off when it has reached the set temperature and kept heating to a higher temperature. The safety or pressure, temperature relief valve is exactly that, a safety valve, it is designed to open when the temperature in the hot water unit rises above 99 degrees or if the thermostat jambs on or, the water pressure rises above in this model system 1000 kpa. Because the valve that was replaced is the incorrect one and has a much higher pressure rating it has not opened to allow the build up of pressure to escape and therefore the whole tank has been ruined. The bottom of the steel tank has reversed causing the colorbond bottom of the tank to be forced off and the hot water system to fall over onto a terible leaning angle. The connecting water pipes have been badly kinked and damaged and therefore the whole system required replacing.

Hot Water System with popped bottom

Faulty Thermostat and Pressure Relief Valve

 315litrepoppedbotom  faultytemperaturereliefvalveandthermostat

A form 4 and attached fee now has to be paid after the installation of a new hot water sytem to the Plumbing Industry Council, a government department which is the responsible body all over Queensland for this type of regulated work. Changes have to be made if the current overflow discharge pipe from the hot water unit does not drain to an approved point. A cold water expansion valve is now required by law as well to be fitted on the Gold Coast and this drain has to go to the same point as above. Previously cold expansion valves had not been required by the Gold Coast Council. A plumber is not fully licensed to repair or replace electric hot water systems without a restricted electrical license or not engaging an electrician to disconnect and reconnect your new hot water system. We hold all of the relevant licenses.

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Comment by: Electrician Perth
Nov 8, 2015 at 8:44 PM
Yes I agree with this and skilled electrician should be hire for replacement cause it's safe otherwise problem would occur with this hot water system as well. Thanks for this sharing.
Comment by: Aidan Denny
Aug 3, 2015 at 7:37 PM
Hot water system replacement is dangerous for people who don't have any electrical knowledge and experience. try to hire an skilled electrician for troubleshot the hot water system.
Comment by: Mega Power Electricians
Jul 2, 2015 at 5:43 PM
when your hot water system is damaged is to never attempt to repair it unless you are qualified to do so!
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